Shopping for Net Zero. Simplified.

Feel good about your shopping choices with questionZERO’s easy-to-use data platform. We analyse brands for sustainability, so that you can shop and help the planet.

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questionZERO is a Participant of the United Nations Global Compact and adheres to its principles-based approach to responsible business.

Saving our planet shouldn’t be complicated...

But when it comes to shopping, it certainly feels like it.

Imagine you go into the supermarket in your lunch hour to get an everyday essential. You scan the shelves and your eyes land on two of the same product. You want the most sustainable. The trouble is, both show green leaves on the packaging. They both use eco wording (green, planet- friendly, earth-grown). One is more expensive than the other. But now it’s on special offer. You look at the back of the packaging for more information and find none. Frustrated, and none the wiser, you make a quick decision, get what you came in for, and leave the shop.

Do you feel good about your purchase? Or unsure?

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Trying to be a conscious consumer is hard.

Every day we make micro choices, in shops and online. These decisions fuel our market. As consumers, we’re key drivers in climate change. But with no navigation, is it any surprise that we’re heading in the wrong direction?

At questionZERO, we’ve had enough of the lack of data. We’re fed up with greenwashing. We want accurate, unbiased information about brands so we can understand where our money is going.

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Are you with us?

Do you want a simple way to shop for Net Zero?

The qZERO Sustainability Score has been developed in collaboration with the reputable data analysts to shine a light on how green and sustainable a product’s brand really is. This unbiased data uses a scale of 1-5, based on a brand’s Net Zero transition progress, environmental friendliness and its broader sustainability impact on our planet.

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By knowing a brand’s score...

Consumers like you can make informed decisions about where your money is going. With the support of academics and the business community, we’ve demystified the global data (you can read more about how here) and developed a simple tool you can use everyday.

Now it’s over to you - and your shopping basket.

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questionZERO. Better Shopping for You and for the Planet

Every purchase we make drives the world's economy but also contributes to the use of our precious planet's resources. Excessive consumption is destructive, however, by choosing eco-friendly products and reevaluating our shopping ways, we all have the power to protect and preserve the Earth for ourselves and future generations.

What is a Sustainable Business?

What is a Sustainable Business?

Most of you know that being a sustainable business means being a good business, but there's much more to it. These businesses aim for a long-term approach, balancing profit-making with caring for the planet and being socially responsible. Find out what being a truly sustainable business involve.
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